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7 Reasons Virat Kohli is the GOAT

Virat Kohli is the only batsman ever to make 20000+ runs in a single decade which surpasses many legends SachinTendulkar,Ricky Ponting,Jacques Kallis

Aggressive Captaincy of Virat made India No 1in test cricket for 5 consecutive year which was the golden era in Indian test cricket 

Kohli have more than 75+international centuries which is 2nd highest & 7 IPL centuries  which highest is as individual 

Kohli always performs in important matches when team requires the most 

Never disrespect his senior always mannered their decision instead of forgetting he is the skipper

Always praised youngstera and show believe in them 

Every new players is compared to him , not today it has been a decade , that shows his greatness in cricket he has achieved